Monday – Friday from 12:00 to 17:00

Dishes to choose from

  • Soup of the day
    8 zł
  • Horiatiki
    24 zł
    traditional Greek salad made from tomatoes, cucumber, red peppers, feta cheese and Kalamata olives with extra virgin olive oil
  • Bacalau me lahanika
    26 zł
    finely chopped fillets of Atlantic cod baked with vegetable, potatoes and light tomatoes
  • Moscharaki kokinisto
    26 zł
    juicy beef braised in red wine and aromatic tomato sauce baked with vegetables and backed patatoes
  • Lunch Mix Grill
    28 zł
    grilled – sutzukaki, chicken fillets and pork sirloin, Greek sausage – served with fries, pita bread and tzatziki
  • Krithoto
    32 zł
    Greek orzo pasta with prawns, octopus, cod and vegetables in a light tomato sauce
  • Canelloni
    28 zł
    canelloni stuffed with Greek cheeses: feta, haloumi, manouri and anthotiro baked with tomato sauce
  • Bliguri me haloumi
    28 zł
    bulgur with haloumi cheese, red peppers, aubergine, courgettes, mushrooms and truffle oil
  • Lahanika furnu
    26 zł
    aubergine,  red peppers, mushrooms and courgettes baked in tomato sauce with feta cheese

Cypriot pita – 18 zł

  • Pita Sutzukakia
    grilled lamb and beef meatballs,  grilled red pepper, rocket, garlic sauce
  • Pita Haloumi
    grilled halloumi cheese, tomato, basil sauce
  • Pita Sheftalia
    Cypriot specialty – grilled minced pork, tomato, rocket, tzatziki
  • Pita Kotopoulo
    grilled chicken, rocket, cucumber, spicy pepper sauce
  • Pita Lahanika
    grilled: aubergine, courgettes, red pepper, feta cheese, tomato, olive paste